Sojourns in Space

S1E3 - Episode 3: In Grudax We Trust

4 months ago

Episode 3: In Grudax We Trust

Praise be, brethren! The Gods of this insane universe have made themselves known, and the Dudes are only pawns in their ineffable schemes of glaziery, landscaping, and platypi. Meanwhile, the witches go to extreme (and morally questionable) lengths to catch their quarry, and an unfunny joke is repeated several times, which does not make it any funnier.

Guest starring Matthew Erskine.

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CKUT presents a radio drama like no other. In the 23rd century, humanity has colonized the far reaches of space— but it remains as f***ed-up as ever. In this maelstrom of intergalactic madness, a pair of ridiculously competent mercenaries, the righteous space witches that relentlessly pursue them, and a hyper-intelligent crustacean alien are only a few of the players. There’s cunning deception, unnecessary violence, and unexpected disintegration behind every corner… and it only gets crazier as it goes along. This is SOJOURNS IN SPACE, written and directed by Fred Azeredo— care to take the trip? Core Cast: Fred Azeredo Carmen Mancuso Zoe Heffring Gabrielle Germain Alice Wu Dana Prather Daniel Benjamin Miller Edward Scromeda